3:59 p.m. x 2003-11-02

it's late afternoon now, and i've had the creepiest day so far. last night i couldn't sleep again, even though i was desperately tired and my eyes were burning. it was because i was sweltering despite the typically autumn weather, and when i finally did get to sleep i was assaulted by the worst nightmare i've had in...a while, i'm sure. i don't remember when the last one was. but this one involved the figure in the dream that was supposed to be me going absolutely hysterical and upset and it felt like i - or the person in the dream - was really crying and screaming. but when i woke up i was lying pretty calmly in bed, drooling a little. i have a drool problem, merrr.

waking-up was followed by a verbal tirade via the mother about the state of the room and some series of demands i was too disoriented to follow properly, so i just kind of sat on my bed like a bump for what i now realize was probably an hour. i'm frightened of going back to school tomorrow...i'm behind with my photo assignment (BECAUSE I CANNOT TAKE PICTURES WITHOUT A CAMERA AND THAT THING THEY MAKE YOU USE IS NOT A CAMERA) and i don't think i ever want to see the art teacher again. ever. but today, for now, i'm going to relax and work on a drawing i started yesterday that i really like.

alright, this entry's going to end now because my IE is acting screwy. i'd just like to referr you to my guestbook in hopes that you'll both sign it and be amused by bethany's ranting. oooh bethany...

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