11:16 p.m. x 2003-11-06

i love MANDA and CLARE and TWEAK and ALEX and BETHANY and KARA and PAUL and HEATHER and CATIE and AMANDA and ANYONE ELSE I FAILED TO MENTION - i love and miss SNICKY now even more than i did, after seeing her ghost wandering the hallway (read: her sister - her cloooooooone).

tonight, clare, catie, manda and i partied while bethany attended a play in the next room. i know we discussed the male anatomy, but the rest is just one big blur. and grape soda. looooved the grape soda.

i'm just jumpy and full of LOOOVE tonight (errrrr or i'm just reaching my sanity's breaking point as this is my third day straight of as little sleep as possible). and after becoming quite enamoured with jessica's station, i attempted to compile one of my own with some very special results. it's a composite mess of songs i love, artists i appreciate, and songs i intend to download, love, and appreciate the artist for as soon as i have some spare time on my hands. and SHE has greatly sparked my interest - allow yourself a spark, won't you?

au revoir <3.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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