slightly disoriented

7:39 a.m. x 2003-11-11

GAAAAAAAH...upon writing last evening's entry and exiting the internet, i wobbled away only to (i suppose) pass out on my bed full of school supplies and laundry. i didn't get to do my homework and i knocked several nearby light fixtures over in the course of my impromptu nap and i awoke this morning to my very puzzled mother asking me why i slept with the lights on, to which i replied "oh shit".

hence (more or less) why i am quickly writing this entry, as i'm able to skip first block thanks to general disorientation and lack of math homework. NO PHOTO FOR K@RI *does a dance* i'm becoming increasingly annoyed by that class, the ONLY class i have all year...just my luck...

i'm going to bare the children of lazy lane. THAT VOICE...*shivers* i'm saving my lunch money until i can afford a copy so i won't have to wait until xmas. AND THEY'RE FROM PITTSBURG - granted that's quite far from amish paradise, it's in the state and i'd imagine they'd play somewhere within my reach, *prays*.

UGH...that was such a nice thought, and now i have to go to revoir <3.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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