il neige!

2:46 p.m. x 2003-12-02

as the rampant irks of frustration sought to overpower my will to survive until the bell rang, i looked out the window and - christie bejesus - it's snowing.

now you may be thinking - yes, you strange individual, it's WINTER. it SNOWS. but! today as i was walking with shannon, something perked her awareness and she looked at me ominously, stating: "it will snow today". and how might you know this? i asked, to which she replied by telling me that her perpetually aching knee was acting up, and that many people with severe injuries can detect oncoming storms with the pain patterns.

interesting. but, isn't that creepy?!

and renee zellweger's on the cover of "vogue". ouch. now - i know i'm being juvenile. really, it's just moronically driven adolescent resentment, if i were ever to meet the lass i'd very certainly smile politely and compliment her on whatever her latest work was at the time. offer her a cup of coffee or tea. a biscuit, perhaps? i loved the spread in "interview" back in august.

i must go eat a sandwhich now (*ugh*- this was not an entry).

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