if you need to leave the world you live in

8:17 p.m. x 2003-12-09

everyone's got their own little niche that may or may not carry them far in life, but comes in handy so often as to concider it their talent. mine is classically useless, but i appreciate it nonetheless: i can be alone and quiet for weeks at a time, and that's when i start to feel functioning and aware of myself and my responsibilities. i got suspended from school once, but instead of going home they put me in a little room with a cubicle where teachers dropped off my work. i was a C-ish student at the time, and during that week i was suspended i worked worlds better and faster than i had otherwise, even though i was crying much of the time. when my parents left me alone for a bit one summer i ran around and cleaned and did everything that i'd felt completely unmotivated to do otherwise.

it isn't so much the need to be away from others as it is the comfort in being alone. it's a different thing, or so i'd like to believe. but i know that all this social (if you could even call it that) activity at school is driving me insane.

...must watch "the simple life"...

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