give the gift of calamari

1:11 p.m. x 2003-12-14

nothing says "i love & appreciate you" like a fried squid tossed in your car. while out on an impromptu dinner-date with clare, andy, ryan and paul i came upon a squid that had squirmed its way onto my dessert plate. it seemed somehow the perfect symbol of my feelings for these people, so i proceeded to inflict the calamari on them throughout the strip mall.

andy found a razor at the nearby discount store by a manufacturer called "alshabab". he became subsequently obsessed with the word. we also discovered IMPOSTER SHARPIES. they're called "shenkies", i believe. not as good as "alshabab" but, eh...what are you gonna do...


of all the things to come out of the human woodwork the year i was born, "flowers in the attic" is a pretty interesting piece of work. i watched the movie with my sister a night or two ago, and i've never been so preoccupied with bad acting...i HATE when it looks like the writer or director REALLY wanted to startle or disturb and they just STOP short of it. the scene where the grandmother cuts cathy's hair was just begging to be a scarring experience but NOOO...argh. i'm going to have a "flowers in the attic" party soon. bad acting and incest - i must share this with everyone...

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