i am heartless

7:47 p.m. x 2003-12-15

i think i was the only child spawned in the late eighties who wasn't affected in the least by "ferngully: the last rainforest". i remember distinctly going to the movie theatre with my mom & aunt to see it, wandering about the end of the mall, seeing a poster for "cool world", and thinking that that looks much more my speed.

"cool world" would hold a special place in my heart...had i one.

(if it hasn't become kind of obvious yet, i'm experiencing a heavy bout of thinly-veiled agitation with myself and the world right now. nothing to get up-in-arms about but it's been pretty distracting all day, you know...cleverly timed quips and general cheerfulness are certainly handy social mechanisms, but in order to put them to use one must SLEEP and be aware of just what the hell they're doing. see i don't even know what i'm talking about right now. and i smell like nail polish remover...AAAGH...)

hmm...i'm saddened by the state of this diary. i worked on a new layout today, and i hope the vacation allows me the chance to do something interesting in here...<3

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