walk on water today

6:19 p.m. x 2003-12-17

it's great to go from driving yourself bonkers with neurosis to a cozy pizza parlor with one of your best friends. AND coming home to find that your FAVORITE ARTIST EVER has made her single available to hear AND you have a therapy appointment lined up after xmas AND you're surrounded by awesomely awesome individuals, who know who they are. ah...AND, a new layout. and i feel really pleased for having gotten a million good grades in english today, and i took a unit test and new everything, and understand the math (err, better than i did)...


things are looking infinitely up. or at least peering up so far as i can see where i'd really like to be and can be if i try reeeeeaallly hard. that place...psych class. i'm working my tired, sore little bum off trying to stay on top of my english work in hopes i might earn an 80 so i can get into that next year. it makes up one twelth of my *perfect schedule* that i'm doing a wistful, stupid little i-want dance for for my senior year. it includes: 3D art 2, 2D art 2, psychology, sociology, cartooning (finally offered!), advanced foods, and portfolio. plus the requirements and GYM (ugh)...and it's doable. if i could get that, i'd walk away from this shithole instead of run.

awe...my dog's having a nightmare and she's making funny whimperish noises in her sleep. i'm going to go watch her, and perhaps harass the cat. goodnight <3!

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