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9:40 p.m. x 2003-12-20

how friggin fabulous.

along with all my newfound moroseness, things have been making me sick. as in physically ill. i've managed to thusfar avoid the rampant flu but instead have been flogged with violent anxiety and nervous waves of stomach death. even today as i woke up (less than an hour before kara's "surprise party!") i fell out of bed in the throws of ugly, desperate panic. not because i was hideously late waking-up (4:15), mind you. the body remembers things, same as the mind, and while the mind is fully-equipped to supress and move on, the body is not. my body's telling me something is wronge.

...but hey, i did my xmas shopping. for others. tweak, clare, manda, alex et kara (err - kara's birthday present rather doubles as an xmas present, but i'll try and make her a cd or something). i'm going to try and do some stuff for others, but be patient with me, as i'm stressfully ill. meh.

happy "ramahanakwanzmas".

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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