8:34 p.m. x 2003-12-21

urrgh...if you're me, insisting upon self-sufficiency, be aware of the dire consequences: self, you cannot do much without damaging something. in this instance, it was my unfortunate little right foot that happened upon a pair of scissors when i least expected it (though i really should have, you know...i'd just finished wrapping...).

i can't wait until tomorrow so i might give TWEAK and MANDA and ALEX their gifts. wheee. clare and kara got theirs already. J'AIME LA SHAKA - SHE IS 16!!! i got clare the dylan companion and kara volume one of fushigi yugi and a nifty "book pendant". tweak, manda and alex's gifts remain a mystery until tomorrow...wheeeee...

and everybody'll get a card. not tomorrow, probably, as i'm exhausted, but soon. i desperately need to be occupied and away from the crap accumulating in the recesses of my mind.

speaking of which, i've got mad gator-whacking skills. they won me playdough today at chuck e. cheese's with clare & kara (who also contributed...but come on, be in AWE of the gator-whacking). word...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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