i'll be your water

11:27 a.m. x 2003-12-25

nothing starts the day off right like watching a deliciously shirtless dax riggs serenade you from across the confines of a ten-year-old home video bound to a disc. yesss.

last night was hell, and today is a fulfilling reward for not completely losing it. i was tired as fucking hell last night and could not sleep. my body would not let me fucking sleep. i am in an immense fucking amount of PAIN.

now...i'm not fond of hearing things like that from other people, so i assume you don't really want to hear it from me. i'm just letting you know, all this ranting about my "torments", that's for me. i want to remember feeling this way. i want to remember not to do certain things to myself or others, to remember that nothing good comes from certain things.

mmm...scream of the butterfly...i've switched to blithering geek mode. dax is so adorable. hormones are abounding...

oh man, of the 19 people that viewed my site yesterday - two of them were looking specifically for things on selma hayek and gerbiles...

...my work here is done.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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