"is it wrong not to always be glad?" no, it's not wrong but i must add - how could someone so young sing words so sad?

10:24 p.m. x 2003-12-24

as the resident insomniac, it's a bit difficult keeping me occupied on xmas. everyone else sleeps and i put the gifts downstairs, and i have all these unaccounted hours to be consumed by...what else?

i got "blue velvet", "may" and "suspiria" early. buya. i got all my anxious angst out earlier, and my mom and i sat on the couch and she listened to me rant about how disgustingly underrated "star time" is. so tonight may be dedicated entirely to whirring around my room, basking in the joy of productivity, as i am writing better than i have in years. that, and i apparently have to put bows on things.

*whoosh* - i feel as though a cloud has been lifted. even though my anxiety refuses to go away, manda is the best aid under such circumstances. she's battled that since day one. and through it all, she's been the best confidante ever - handling everything with humor, acceptance, and humanity. she should really be where oprah is, i love her dearly and deeply.

ANYWAY! happy random holidays to everyone ~ <333

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