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12:25 p.m. x 2003-12-29

absent for a stretch due to a series of technological mishaps - i'm now back, after a much needed (and very understated) rest amidst the malls of new jersey. i shopped. i slept. i bought running with scissors. i feel worlds better. i didn't experience even a third of the vicious anxious BLAH that's plagued me for the past month. i can write again. i'm hoping this is a good sign.

anyway...running with scissors. i'm looking foreward to this book. it's about a little boy whose poet mother gives him to her therapist to be raised, and the little boy befriends a pedophile and devours a lot of hospital drugs and keeps it together enough to organize his experiences in a book. it's a memoir, and i would've started it already if it wasn't for sickened, which is by a girl whose mother was afflicted with a royal wicked case of munchausen's by proxy. my health teacher recommended it, and i do the same to you.

i'm also enmeshed in the kennedy curse. and welcome to my country. lauren slater's a trip. it's even more interested to read this, her first book, last, because it's written with her as the therapist, and the other two are from her point of view as a patient, if you will. she goes from harvard graduate to resident of a furniture-less basement apartment to the poetic/epileptic wonder. she's cool. very cool.

the trip was fun. my mom and i both fell in love with REM while stuck in the car for four hours (two coming, two going...not very long but my little brother was with us...*shudder*). my aunt gave me the velvet underground's "loaded", sex & the city volume one, and another glorious big beatles photography book...*dances*. i'm going to talk about it incessantly later, but now i'm off on a mad search for 70's b-movies in blockbuster - *whoosh!*

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