so sayeth george michael

6:59 p.m. x 2004-01-06

"if someone is out waving their genitalia around, you don't automatically assume they're an officer of the law!"

today's rousing debate with bethany explored an issue we can ALL have fun with - "HOMOSEXUALS: CAN THEY HELP IT?". bethany believes that being gay is a choice one makes. manda, abby and i believe one is as likely to be born gay as they are to be straight, submissive, dominant, attracted to dogs, etc. the latter half of fourth block was dedicated not to the paintings due by the end of the week but to the fundamental elements that makes one attracted to a specific gender.

i envy bisexuals, they're the only group not to get dragged kicking and screaming into this argument. but don't think you can escape thursday... oh my, very random, but WHAT is with the leonard nemoy hits? i know he's mentioned in here once, last year, but please, internet gods, spare me the trekkies!

(i think this was my favorite entry in a long time, you michael, leonard nemoy, and kinky sex. that's the ticket.)

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