9:06 p.m. x 2004-01-07

things are looking up (an encore thanks to tweak and catie). in the technical sense - i've been able to think about things. i'm only confidant of solving a problem when i've reached an understanding with myself. i'm fast approaching one (even though the IDEAL would be for this understanding to make sense in the slightest, i fear that may not be the case, but poof...). i have shit booked up on all my art club days (i'm happier than i should be about this), so my work will get done other days, which is cool. a lot more calming.

i've had a suspicious calm preoccupation as of late. last time i went to an appointment i came an hour early, and the thought of being curled up on a couch in the secluded upstairs waiting room with she's not there and an issue of "psychology today" excited the hell out of me. i've stayed up into all hours of the evening purely because of the lack of sound or movement. and then everything, of course, is slow, vague, and MAGNIFIED the next day.

i wish every day was like in-school suspension. i had it once and they put me in a cubicle in a small locked room, dropped off my work and left me alone to do what i will for the entirety of the school day. loved it loved it loved it. and i'm less surprised now looking back on it that i did very little. i did my schoolwork and my homework and i drew a little and the rest of the time i just zoned. zoning has been my vastly understated hobby for as long as i can remember. i think that may have encompassed my early childhood (that, and singing disney songs, and the obligatory embarassing toddler episodes which i was not spared from in the least). meh, tottally random but neither my guestbook nor my livejournal is working on this computer...


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