9:31 p.m. x 2004-01-08

upon returning home from a pretty stressful day, i made myself a cup of ALFREDO RAMEN (mmmmm) and sat down with my mom to talk about things like annoying evangelists and lurid private school boys. i also read teen people magazine's "scary special report" on "WHY GIRLS CUT THEMSELVES" (that report was certainly special, *rolls her eyes*). what utter bullshit. i don't know...the reporting there was crap and the circumstances were, i don't know...offensive. it was an unflattering piece as only a teen magazine could do it.

and then - "PSYCHO BEACH PARTY". now, one does not watch something called "PSYCHO BEACH PARTY" expecting something of "godfather" porportions, but this reached new heights of curious spoofy travesty that i'm a little ashamed to say i enjoyed it, even in light of the BIG thing they got wrong in diagnosing the main character (schizophrenia and DID are not the same, MERRR). there was something so oddly cute about it, it's starting to irritate me.

ah, of course. that main character. she's that girl on "six feet under", the redhead. i have no idea why her character was engaging. it's something that's going to bother me for quite a while, i imagine. maybe it was the fact that she looked so cute AND so normal (human figure, tan lines, etc.). ugh, i'm almost blushing at the thought of purchasing this film...

...i'm a sucker for camp, and this is actually well written camp. for a film of its genre, the writing flowed really interestingly. or maybe it reminded me of the cadence i write in. *le sigh*, poor me...

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