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5:15 p.m. x 2004-01-25

in order to have an enjoyable evening out in any sense, it requires a few hours worth of senseless ritual, such as:

  • perfume-testing. i am the perfume skank.
  • dancing to something rock-ish but catchy, such as "fm doll" or anything on "live through this".
  • pose every article of clothing in front of random mirrors about the house.
  • all tasks performed while "eyes wide shut" plays in the background. all activities stop for the party scene in futile hopes the evening might turn out to be something like that.

    i love evening-outings with my friends. and this time, we secured a souvenier: a server named greg, who's recieved the oh-so-coveted invitation to join our circle of friends. under normal circumstances i'd opt to put him through some embarassing initiation sequence that includes dancing to juanes and making out with paul, but under the circumstances, i won't (concidering we stalked the poor guy into speaking to us). he may end up like andy, "marrying" into the family...

    oh andy. *tisk tisk*.

    and now to get completely documentaries are peculiar things. they usually make me really mad/uncomfortable (nazis, satanic ritual abuse syndrome, incest...) but i CANNOT STOP WATCHIIIING. i've seen "just, melvin: JUST EVIL" way too many times now. it's a combination of the tongue-in-cheek look at family tragedy and the documentarist's intruiging dance moves. mm.

    time to go enjoy "the best of the smiths, volume 2" <3 evening!

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