arnold schwarzenegger vs. ted kennedy

7:59 a.m. x 2004-01-30

i bought the kennedy wedding album over the past weekend and there's a quote by maria shriver at the beginning of her section that reads "don't think of him as a republican, think of him as the man i love. and if not that, think of him as someone who can squash you." this statement was made to ted kennedy. now, teddy's quite the big guy, and as arnold isn't quite as, erm, toned as he once was, just who would win in that situation?

this thought has complicated life for me for the past week. my mind simply will not let it alone. sure arnold's still vaguely buff, but ted's got that seething, erratic rage that comes with the business of being repressive (i know of which i speak). arnold's creepier (PSYCHOTIC EYES!) but poor teddy has chappaquiddick looming overhead.

all in all, this is something i would pay to see. it is in any case far more interesting than anything else i could think of, but i'm kind of appreciative of my dull patch. there is that love triangle entanglement spinning behind me, but i'm keeping myself out of it (that's between you and the waiter, kids).

*le sigh*, but now i must do a bit of science homework and think more about the governator vs. mr. ted "and then my heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils" kennedy.

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