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6:59 p.m. x 2004-02-02

after therapy, i induldged in a shopping spree and bought miscellany: shoes, the darkness' album, a sandwhich. all the while i should've been at art club.

i care worlds less than i know i should. BUT ANYWAY, onto idiocy... printer chose today to die. to cough, sputter out a last word (which may have been "orange peel!" but this is up to speculation), and stop mid-page of a VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. a very important FORTY-TWO-PAGE document which i needed BADLY. but, you know, the lame act of me petting the printer, trying to egg a few extra pages worth of ambition out of it was enough for my mother to pity me into a few purchases.




i should probably make a note about the subject. lately i've been getting massive snorkling hits. i'm treating it like an honor or something @_@ i've also gotten several hits for "don't mind the smoke, daddy".


(((in case you can't tell, things have been SLOW.)))

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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