"you threw up? why didn't you tell me?!"

10:24 p.m. x 2004-02-13

i want to be in a relationship...not so much for the physical part, really. i'd rather like to hang on to virginity. but i love the dynamics. i hate romantic comedies because there's NEVER a dynamic - a buzzing. a popping. PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRECRACKERS aspark between two people. the more intense the better. argh, I NEED TO BE STIMULATED!

i want to spark with someone. i'm a chemically active individual, i assume it wouldn't be that big of a stretch? gaaah. and love alludes me still. but i haven't come across that yet, you know, the effortless click. the synapses screaming through your greyish pink lobes "PLEASE NOTE THIS EXISTENCE, IT'LL MAKE YOURS A HELL OF A LOT MORE INTERESTING, GOOD FOR QUITE A BIT OF ENTERTAINMENT, A LEARNING EXPERIENCE OR TWO. SHE'S A TAURUS WHO LIKES KIDS AND STAYING AT HOME. YOU KNOW IT'LL ONLY GET WORSE, PAL." ugh. quizilla haunts me, the cynical virgin arises...

*le swoon* fuck it. i want to date YOU. HE'S SOOO HOTTTTTTTTT.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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