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8:00 a.m. x 2004-02-13

i believe that was a horrible trick devised to remind me that it is again the millionth valentine's day i'll exhibit a severe lack of significant other. it could be worse - luckily (i've occassionally thought otherwise, but mostly luckily) i remember quite vividly how unsettling it was to experience valentine's day in a relationship that i absolutely despised. he & his last girlfriend just broke up i believe, poor guy can't win.

that relationship, despite it being between two respectable, cool individuals (although he's only a fraction of how respectable and cool his ex-girlfriend is), was ill fated anyhow. he started off as a beard in one of the million peculiar love-triangles recurring within my close associates. the original couple that he was a beard for imploded and he & her lived happily ever after for a few months. i think he ought to try his hand (pardon) at dan-dan or something. explore his alternatives. like at that one sleepover...

...oh hey i got my marshmallow powder ^-^ MMMMMMMMMMMM. it smells too good. already it's all over the place (even though i haven't removed the plastic insert that separates the powder from the puff) and my living quarters are shiney and toasted-smelling. awesome. i get the chocolate shampoo tomorrow.

so...i'm writing an epic love poem, which i think is pretty cool considering i can't write things about love. i've never been able to, but last night (another almost entirely sleep-free evening, AGH) it just flooded out in neat little pools onto the page - cute, clever little couplets, sordid passages, and lithe, breathey "wonderful wonderful" babbling...gah, i'm so proud of me. i don't know quite what it was - michael pitt's lips? michael kidblount's voice?

or perhaps it was hugh grant.

my mom has her aol account set up so that hugh grant will greet her with "you're looking lovely today", tell her she has mail by saying "you have letters", and bids her farewell with "au revoir". isn't it just the audial manifestation of everyone's most inner desires? "you have letters" is the best. if you have aol 9.0 you should play it over and over again to yourself until you feel your life affirmed.

oh it WILL happen.

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