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7:20 p.m. x 2004-02-27

yesterday i was so incredibly frustrated that my counselor advised me against staying at school, which i couldn't do because of testing, so today i drained myself from the bed, still seething with rage, and muttered that i wasn't exactly needed at school. my mother, who wasn't really awake yet either, nodded understandably, and i slithered back in between the sheets, out of commission until 1:30 (curious, concidering i was upset, not tired).

ever have one of those days where everything takes forever? i tried to clean my room today, but it seemed the simple act of relocating most of my clothes from their designated stack on top of my rubberwear cases (where most of my belongings lives, thanks to my closet-sized room) to whatever drawer or closetspace they belong was consuming hours at a time. all my hands wanted to do were grab whatever they found and slam the goods at the wall. most of the rest of my body wanted to go back to sleep, and my mind, it seemed, just wanted to watch the "sex & the city" finale again. at least, i calmed down conciderably after a good cry, watching charlotte see the picture of her adopted daughter. i just need to expell. here's some superficial hatred, as random as it gets...i hate 3/4 sleeves. i couldn't tell you why exactly, but i do. they've never made anyone's arms look better, as far as i'm concerned, and everytime someone wears them it jumps out at me like "AGH! 3/4 SLEEVES!", i have a very vampire-to-cross reaction. suspicious? very.

...i wonder what people thought of courtney love before the vanity fair article?...<3

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