when i was your friend...

9:17 p.m. x 2004-03-02

we weren't getting along great near the end. our personalities just didn't work with each other anymore. it's understandable. and i don't think, given that we've had the chance, we'll be close again. and i've seen the things that i dislike about you repeated in a million people since then, BUT! but i've never met someone since with the things about you that were GREAT. and there were great things about you.

i wasn't lonely when i was your friend.

i don't cling mercilessly to that memory, nor do i think we should try and "make it work" or anything like that (it'd be hard now anyway), but i'm going to keep those three years (the good parts) that we were friends close to my heart. those were phone conversations and long nights that i value highly, and i'm happy i have those.

clearing blockage. maybe that was misdirected anger at someone else entirely...

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