they bought and sold it all, it's gone, AND EVERY NOTE OF IT IS WRONG

9:31 p.m. x 2004-03-10


belated WRATH.

Hello Fellow Rock And Roll Fans,

I have some bad news to report. MTV is at it again. What do I mean you ask? Well, MTV has pulled the plug on MTVX. MTVX was a 24 hour, commercial free, dj free, hard rock and roll video station. They played everything form Led Zepplin, to Tesla, to Linkin Park, to Ratt, to Ozzy, to Motley Crue, to POD, to Guns N Roses, to The Sex Pistols, to Blink 182 Etc. Etc. Etc. Anyway, MTV has replaced MTVX with MTVJ. The J Stands for Jams. So now we get 24 hours of non stop Young MC and Coolio videos in place of our Buckcherry and Dokken videos. To say the least, I am very upset with MTV's decision to yank the last chance we had at seeing hard rock on television.

What I propose is for each of you to help me in getting MTVX back on the air. I am asking for your help in writing a letter to the program director at MTV and asking them to please bring MTVX back on the air. If we hard rock loyalists stick together on this one, it will help show MTV that their is a demand for hard rock music, and that even though they turned their back on hard rock music back in 1991, we loyal fans have not.

Your letters and comments can be mailed to the following snail mail address. From what I gather, they do not have an email address for such correspondence.

MTV Programming
Music Director MTVX
1515 Broadway
NY NY 10036

I thank you in advance for your help and support in this matter.
Jeff Fishman

yeah it's been like a year. they played "miss world" one morning while i ate breakfast. you have no idea how overjoyed i was. it would be a very understated thing to say mtv's irreparably fucked, BUT...

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