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5:58 p.m. x 2004-03-15

day 6 of the scarling.-wait, still no word of what's become of my purchase. craziness. i'm currently bidding on a copy of "the preppy handbook" and reading the VICE guide's section on drugs and thinking about how all the narcotics i've ever been put on (medically speaking, fiend) just made me sleep and vomit. it consumed rather large patches of my day. i remember no "warm fuzzy feeling", just waking up hungry at 4 a.m., eating soup and vomiting. all really unspectacular - i wasn't sick, my stomach was just rejecting it. kind of boring, really.

the "war on drugs" photo shoot is priceless. a small gallery of stoned individuals with the best side-effect captions ever. ketamine man: "this guy puked ferociously". mescaline man: "oh he had a blast". fantastic stuff.

i don't remember ever having a desire to do drugs, because if i was going to develop said desire, it would've had to happen between the pitifully ineffective DARE-brainwashing and every individual in my age group discovering how plentiful pot is (specifically, according to tweak's drug-expert mom, in this region, we are right near a huge trafficing center). and i noticed quite quickly how much i hate the stoned. with a fierce passion i sometimes think should be reserved for george w, and george w alone. and then someone does something stupid and drug-induced and i just want to kick them swiftly in the ankles so they plummet to the floor, much to fucked up to rise, more than a little amused by the incident.

note: this really only applies to those who get stoned constantly, which is pretty much everyone i'm thinking of, but very well may not be YOU, casual drug user who's happened upon my diary.

anyway. someone's singing HORRIBLE abba on tv downstaires. it's excrutiating. this is worlds better, as is this. that movie is adorable. rochelle is the cutest thing ever and robin tunney's voice is the most beautiful sound ever heard. mmmm.

i need a new nightstand.

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