popped my heart

9:51 p.m. x 2004-03-24

too tumultuous a day to handle, and i have guitar tomorrow - !!! - the week's almost over and i've avoided most of it (which is probably why today went the way it did). the coming of april makes people pissy and paranoid, and seeing as how i tend to be like so perpetually, it's unnerving to see everyone else suddenly hop on your bandwagon of misery.

i'm driving the bus, kids. don't fuck with me!

i'm loving this article, tweak <3. so well put. and bethany's finally yielded. gay people will inherit the earth, as will any group of people who are repressed. look at bill gates, and the creative class. i once gave manda this rousing speech about how alternative lifestyles shall overcome, and i got a genuine "wow" out of her. if you can "wow" manda (who knows everything, she's fucking buddha i swear), you're just right, and there's no arguing that. HA! I WIN (there's a twisted story behind the concept of my winning this argument, which i really wasn't invovled in - the debate was primarily between tweak and bethany - but manda and i participated vicariously from the sidelines, pulling our hair out and screaming obscenities)!

i'm getting the coolest bed in the universe. i'm so insanely excited.

mer, i've been saying this wrong - johnny depp has the role of j.m. barrie in the movie "j.m. barrie's neverland", about the author of peter pan. i've been confused about that @_@ but i'm excited to see it. i heard there are pedophilic undertones? he's really running with that - "charlie and the chocolate factory"...quite suggestive.

*blinks in awe* - OH DAMN i like that outfit. he's just freaking adorable, it hurts my feelings. *shoves her hormones back where they belong* - it's been a tumultuous day.

but i think once we all rest, wake up, and wedge ourselves into a tight, confining space, everything will come into perspective:


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