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10:13 p.m. x 2004-04-04

i feel like i should be updating, but nothing really terribly fantastic has happened as of late, unless you count james spader, who is always wonderful and must be credited (along with manda) for relieving a subconcious hole i was digging.

at least for a few hours.

"dawn of the dead" recieves one of the highest compliments i can pay a film: it was worth going at all. the first two rows (myself, clare and paul included) found it hilarious while the rest of the theatre screamed constantly. it was effectively frightening, and - which is very refreshing - funny, in a way that it KNEW it was funny. for once, the scary scenes were actually scary.

i agree with alex, that the burt reynolds scene was priceless. it seemed a very realistic rendering of a group of dysfunctional (read: normal/modern) people forced to hide from a hoard of cannibalistic zombies together in a mall. or as "realistic" as you could get, concidering, you

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