6:24 p.m. x 2004-04-05

there's this odd quirk in my second semester schedule for next year. first i have math, then every other day i'd go first to child development II, then to 3D II, then gym, which is irrelevant. THEN, the other day, after math, i'd go to art history, then parenting, then the irrelevant stats. SO, to clearify - one day i'd have home ec, then art, and the other day i'd have art, then home ec. either way, with a teacher that absolutely abhors me.

EXCELLENT. i also have portfolio. nothing seems to be able to get my into psychology (although we haven't tried bribing yet, just you wait) so i thought i'd envelope myself in four art classes (three home ec courses, one media course, and a bunch of random requirements).

also, this is the last art club ever. art is erased from this building hereafter. now, mind you, that wasn't the part of the system i thought we needed to bring down, but it is a start. crush enough spirits and we'll rule everything soon enough...*plotting*...

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