doomsday, averted

9:58 p.m. x 2004-04-11

uh huh. yesss.

i go to write this entry, get on the computer with every intention of spinning eloquent, timely yarns about my easter, and what is the first thing my hands think to type? a very long, very detailed opinion piece on the film "se7en". this month has so far been very much myself and my metamorphosed living space huddled up with various blockbuster cases. i'm in a rampant cheesey-horror marathon mood no less, and when i mean marathon i mean i stop everything and do little else but ponder the pathological undercurrents of scenes like jessica beil's erotic chase through the texas swamplands. while it satisfies both the film critic and psych enthusiast in me, it fails my heterosexual female side.

hence "a clockwork orange" - helloooo. what is it about malcolm mcdowell?! AGH!!! maybe it isn't so much the looks department but that we'd (that character and i, anyway) have much to discuss, in many a fractured and incomprehensible conversation. i don't speak any more normally than he does (and i can feel my way roughly through the russian slang - score!).

i can't think of anything noteworthy about today, though, except that i napped and accumulated more literary shit to clutter my place of residence with (i've foresaken the lengthy above-my-grade-level tomes my mom's used to buying me in favor of amassing a shitload of trashy mass market paperbacks...the things dream on will do to you).

at the risk of sounding 100% materialistic (HA! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!), i won't go into detail about my passionate longing for "frustration plantation" today...later though...

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