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8:44 p.m. x 2004-04-18

how tumultuous. my weekend ended in a really ugly, graphic way, but was otherwise pretty interesting.

let's begin with the filmfest, and how i just stirred in the lobby the entire time with a book and some fish. the next day i was greeted with a call from paul and with that we were off to view ryan's play, an elaboration on "romeo & juliet". fun for the whole family. the cast was a bunch of demonic sixth-graders who accompanied us to dinner (us, that is - any, tweak, paul, katy m, kiri & i). we sent over three people, they sent over three people, and we signed the treaty. i ran into the kid who calls clare weird names. he looked like this guy. except he wasn't freckly, which sucked the appeal out of his puckery little mug.

i spent the night at katy's afterwards. AWESOME. i had a fantastic time, and that must happen again soon. after that, things went a little downhill...someone said something to my mom in passing that hurt her feelings so bad she was devastated and still hasn't come out of it. like, a really mean, bitchy comment. it was rude and she was really livid about it for a bit - she took a really cheap shot at me which i'm still pissed about. so the mood here isn't great.

i'm strongly concidering finding a gym to swim in. i really downplayed how good i am at swimming. i can do it for a long time, too, which i can't do with any other exercise methods i can think of. pretty cool.


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