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6:09 p.m. x 2004-04-27

bloody bloody fucking woman's lost her bloody fucking mind oh bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody fucking hell.

yeah you can say what you say about her, and shove aside the fact that she severely hurt the feelings of damaged the egos of two good friends of yours. she is not a good friend of yours. and whatever you get out of her thinking well of you is like when i was little and i thought it'd be cool to ditch you and spend reccess with the "cool people" who i discovered within a matter of weeks weren't as fun as you.

so are you going to snap the fuck out of it??? good idea.

i don't know when i stopped being human to you. I CAN NAME THE TIME DATE PLACE WHEN YOU STOPPED BEING HUMAN TO ME, and i still treat you with respect decency all that BULLSHIT that you don't bother reciprocating.

ugh, never mind. it's not worth it getting into!

now: I LOVE THE SMITHS AND THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. even in my lowest of lows they are where i am, and no matter how far down i am going they're there and they smile. quite awesome. that's what one expects out of music, isn't it?

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