2:23 p.m. x 2004-04-30

okay day. comment ruined a bit in the middle. improving steadily.

a person whose insight i respect with every ounce of my being once told me to get away from someone because they were hurting me. "hurting" in this specific sense, or "offending" - quite heavily - and at the time it was pretty easy to take her advice because i didn't like this person to begin with.

this person, current offender, will not understand this entry and will not understand the problem when i explain it. and that's why i'm not going to explain it. and i'm going to drive myself insane with how hurt my feelings are that this seems such a non-issue to my close friend.

every single person other than two very important people said that this was a terrible, mean thing to do to someone. and it was. and now it doesn't matter, because i'm going to overcome! aren't i? fuck yes.

but it IS still relavent that THEY DID NOT CARE. so...

fuck you.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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