si, hombres tambien...

6:29 p.m. x 2004-05-09

i went to watch the church confirm katy yesterday, and i arrived just as it started, so i ducked into the side door of a hysterically packed room, limping along to a clear spot on the wall and fearfully glancing about for a sign of familiarity. tweak & cool freshman allegra finally happened upon me, and as the service wore on, i relented and sat down with a book.

BUT! i saw katy's little part, where she walks up and gets oiled. we applauded. after this everyone who mattered congregated for a party and i spied this thing, massively appealing. very. ah, catholic boys!!!...

birthday weekend has gone great, as will anything when yugoslavians are in the picture (damn right there were yugoslavians). and "monosynth". that's a fantastically sad song, 'sad' like chuckie from "rugrats" is sad...especially when there's a room full of people singing along...

i got a shelf for my books that needs putting up, because my books are all over my floor, and concidering that...there isn't much space to do anything except sleep and read.

oh...WAIT A MINUTE, that's all i do anyway...and i think it's time to go do it some more...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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