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7:18 p.m. x 2004-05-10

HEY! five important things.


MELISSA AUF DER MAUR, nothing beats cute, cocky, canadian redheads who rock like little cannibalistic black sabbaths. when i first saw her i felt her little spirit perch itself on my shoulder and command me in a booming hellish scream to play the bass, a la mark ryden and his wee abe lincoln. except he listened and i didn't, and my soul henceforth is indentured to miss auf der maur. how incredibly cool is that?


VICEMAG.COM, mmhmm. i don't know how i got along without it. there are no words. only this. and this. and maybe this. i'm not really environmentally concious. "vogue" doesn't inspire my conspiracy theories. okay, maybe an album called "heltah skeltah" piques my interest - but even if it didn't, vice manages to twist and pervert everything juuust so it becomes relevant to me. it speaks to me like "teen people" just never really did. (and oh my lord, this too.)


A FATHER'S STORY BY LIONEL DAHMER, seriously. go pick it up right now. bearing in mind that chemists aren't born authors, this guy had quite a different kind of material to work with. this isn't like your science textbook. the revelations about his own quirkiness reaffirm my faith in parents everywhere. on top of the eyebrow-raising factor: this is a genuinely compassionate and well-written account of something he plainly couldn't wrap his phd-earning head around. which is okay. the shrine of jeffrey dahmer may have been more up to speed for those of us with a decent grasp of psychology, but a father's story is an incredibly human book. refreshing. or, you know, i just read a lot of manga.


ALIYA, of course. aliya blows everything out of the water. if she were a franchise (like hilary duff or the oleson twins), i would already own everything she ever slapped her name on. she should be famous, concidering how cool she is. no one this cool ever gets famous the way they deserve. she'll be around for years doing the aliya "thing", and congregate this little group of students who are inspired by her every brilliant move (that is, breathing). she is andy warhol and the world is her velvet underground. OH MY GOD! WE MISS HER!


SLEEP, i'm deprived. so much so that i'm feeling myself slip back into that quirky narcoleptic pattern i submitted myself to last year (which isn't really narcolepsy...it's just i know i'm going to pass out and i find someplace happy and do so...it's like heat exhaustion marries laziness and births me...it only really sucks in malls).

huh. WELL! fun, right...?

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