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12:59 a.m. x 2004-05-18

what's up with all my entries either being cryptic bitching or talking about movies...? it's school. school is on my last nerves. and the weather. my body hasn't made the adjustment well at all. wake-up, school - sleep during school, go home, nap, work, try and go back to sleep...i have no idea why i'm so exhausted because i never feel awake in the first place. ugh. i hate summer weather.

or maybe i'm just exhibiting the symptoms of rob and amber withdrawl. i didn't realize how much my week depended on "survivor: all stars" until i had to go a thursday without it. i haven't a clue as to why, but i loved those kids. yeah. i cried when rob proposed...huh, the heat's really making me lose it, mm?

an i watched "helter skelter" the other night...which was best summed up by the almighty manda: "i feel like i waited all week for 'helter skelter' and then i got 'the linda kasabien movie'." true. but i love clea duvall, so it didn't bother me extensively, BUT! one detail they overlooked that was so important: CHARLES MANSON WAS A SHORT GUY. jeremy davies is a cool actor, but he isn't sufficiently short. and the way they shot his scenes didn't help - they were all at upward angles, which will make him appear taller still.

...i should've directed that movie.

speaking of which, "house of fools" is SO MAGNIFICENT. it takes place during the '96 chechnian conflict where a psychiatric hospital was caught up in the struggle. the main character has this adorable katie jane garside element to her, and her accordian playing kicks ass. she thinks brian adams is her fiance. you couldn't have wished for a cuter lead. and it's in russian! how freaking awesome.

alright - late.

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