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10:30 p.m. x 2004-05-18

amidst my awake-patches yesterday, most of which were after everyone else had gone to sleep, i made a point of raiding my library and plucking out the books i feel haven't deserved as much attention as others (some things i have i've read to memorization, some, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, i just haven't opened yet), one of which is dry by augusten burroughs. i LOVEDLOVEDLOVED running with scissors, so i bought dry, but wasn't really excited about jumping right into it, as i've just finished reading a stack of other books with alcoholic strains.

christ i love this guy. he's like jt leroy without the veil of fiction (or androgynous baby prostitution, fun as that is) to hide behind. it'd be fun to see both those childhoods pitted together in a fucked-up-a-thon: the squalid psychiatrist's family with its rampant pills and the pedophile older brother vs. the homely pimp and his band of merry lot lizards and the truckers who love them.

maybe they'll team up like superman and batman and fight some sort of universal evil in a big-budget summer blockbuster. awesome.

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