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12:27 p.m. x 2004-05-23

(ha. i'm getting to like the name.)!

i let all my resentment bubble up and simmer riiiight beforehand so i was actually in an outstanding mood for the art show. and i walked in and scanned down the awards list and lo and behold: my manda won 2! bethany and heather both one 1 as well, but manda won 2!!! i thought that was pretty awesome.

considering time and considering sanity and all the risks therein, i couldn't complete my installation in time, so i ripped it to pieces (which was cool, and i was the only one allowed to do this because i got a bum piece of cardboard - woo). AND KARA USED IT TO PROP HERS UP!!! and she was very grateful for my indirect aid.

mwahaha. i was the spine of this endeavor!

so i was very very content all day about not having an installation or anything and having my friends win awards and be busy and run around ecstatic, i was just sort of floating off somewhere else. and then i went to gym, where out of nowhere, as kallie and i are talking, she tells me my piece in the art show was the only thing that meant anything to her.


that is a beyond lovely thing to say...i only had 3 paintings in the show (and only one was visible), but she was talking about my favorite one. up until then, i'd felt content. after that, i felt fantastic.

and then i went shopping, got sick, and couldn't sleep. i don't think i've ever spent so much time writhing in pain before >-<. i got several really great ideas, which came fluidly when taken into consideration how hard it became to write them down in such an ugly state. ugh. i didn't even get a dress like i was supposed to (upcoming wedding). and i need to write more for ryan...arararararararrrrnnnnggghhh...

one last thing: this is for everybody, but especially tweak. i strongly suggest purchasing one.

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