10:23 p.m. x 2004-05-26

next-year resolution:
i will minimize my agression and resentment. i will sit in the back of portfolio with my headset on and diligently work out the paintings i have sketched in my notebook. i will be calm and controlled around children and not give the home ec teacher a reason to bother the shit out of me about my subversive attitude. i will get the notes i sleep through. i will get an A in that integrated class so i might prove that i'm not definitively braindead. i will write every chance that i get because i've gotten a lot better. i will apply myself to projects. i'll fucking win, goddammit.

and now: i finally got around to seeing "shattered glass" this afternoon. i'd intended to see that since i'd first heard about it for a singular, all-important purpose: hayden christensen wears glasses in it. following bad advice, i had to sit through "life as a house", which sucked so bad it hurt my feelings, and just put me off on the wrong start with this actor.

he's adorable in this. his voice, his body, his eyes...oh!, *LUST*. and surrounded by the likes of chloe sevigny and melanie lynskye! SMASHING...

i honestly think i missed many of the better points this film had to offer while i was experiencing a fit of feverish arousal, but i'm still going to buy a copy. those eyes are too beautiful to keep playing darth vader, so i hope star wars III exhausts this sci-fi thing. hey, when's "the aviator" coming out?

is leonardo going to go insane?! *crosses fingers* yes leonardo dicaprio and OCD - AWESOME. (alrighty, hormones need to go blow off some steam, i see...)

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