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8:39 p.m. x 2004-06-06

i have an intense preoccupation with film. i've abandoned the idea of minoring in art, because i never particularly liked the idea of being all serious about art in the first place, but i've fallen as deeply in obsession with the idea of minoring in film as i have with majoring in psychology. SOOOOOOO GOOD!

i saw "21 grams" at last today, and i was thrilled. so i can scratch that off my list of films-to-see (it's long, and i've barely made a dent in it, i'm so dissapointed). i cried. i've been meaning to cry for the past several months and it just hasn't been happening and then suddenly - wham, naomi watts makes me bawl. massively.

so, 1 down. 130 to go. i feel progress is being made...

i bought house of leaves the other day as well, and i'm something like 150-ish footnotes into the thing...freakish little monster of a novel, but absorbing. i had to stop for a while when it came time to start having to twist the book around in order to read the other narrative (way too much work, you know). i need to find a cool, uncomplicated novel to read. i read freud's essential works the last week of school and my sense of the literary is fried. utterly fried.

and that is why i need to see these 130 movies, to unfry my book-thing. "21 grams" is a great start, though.

on to "the dreamers". huzzah!

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