excuse me, just one question before we start: should you be drinking alcohol when you don't have a liver?

12:37 a.m. x 2004-06-15

i love cosmetics that taste/smell like confections. i have bottles of philosophy shampoo that i'm afraid to use because it smells THAT GOOD. i impulsively splurge on perfumes and lip-shit that smell like easter baskets.

i am spiritually married to sugar cosmetics, respectively. if only i lived within shopping-distance of a sephora. ah my plight.

but hey, aliya soon, am i correct?! you can't be sad when there is impending ALIYAAA. i'm going to make a holy-hell-it's-ALIYA! cake. i actually rule at cake-decorating. as long as my mother is willing to make two lame little layers i can whip them into a masterpiece.

oh christ. i need to stop talking about this right now. i can seriously smell chocolate. and i'm nowhere near my shampoo. i don't need anymore sugar now though, really, i just devoured a jawbreaker and my tongue refuses to recover.

on the up-side: my hives have disappeared. this alone is cause for cake...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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