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12:54 a.m. x 2004-07-04

i bought maybelline "foreverSTRONG!+iron" today in robust red, and i'm waiting for my nails to become healthily infused with a charming shade of bloody. this color sucks a little bit compared to THIS:


that is like the nailpolish color of the savior herself, it's so COOL. but i didn't bring it with me, arrrgh! i think i've grabbed 3/4ths of my wardrobe by mistake. and my copy of running with scissors has lived up to its name and escaped my clutches. i haven't seen a sign of it since i was here (at my aunt's) last, and was SOOO SURE i'd left it SOMEWHERE. BAAAH!

look at these totally sexy listmania!s. if anybody happens to come across this, you could go across those as well because they are terribly important to the wellbeing of society, which is apparently as fucked as fucked can get concidering lollapalooza was pulled because NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE BOUGHT TICKETS to see morissey and sonic youth and the pixies and pj harvey. DOUBLEYOO TEE EFF, MATE?!?!?! i suppose the youth would rather see jessica simpson?

i disown my generation. i push you away, OFF! OFF! OFF!

"a clockwork orange" reminds me of how school felt in 4th grade when i moved, which is the level at which things start to stop being fun anyway. school kind of does to kids with learning what the ludovico technique does to alex with violence. "get me up - i'm gonna be sick! get something for me to be sick in!" instead of enjoying learning, yeah - "respond to the presence of the hateful with fear and nausea." i love reading and i completely approve of and encourage bettering one's self in a cerebral way as long as it's outside of a prison environment...*ACK*

on top of all this, i feel very bad for mary-kate oleson, and i can't bring myself to feel otherwise. oh christ my knee THROBS in pain...did you see the last entry? it was up so long for a reason. check check check, swine!

"I'M CURED - PRAISE GOD!" i forgot how much alex is my hero.

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