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1:52 a.m. x 2004-07-12

i've NEVER gotten vertigo ever in my life. i cannot remember a fear of heights of any kind, but i went to a theme park the other day and my sister and i found a ride where you were strapped into a little cage-y thing and you swung around four times backwards, stopped at the very top for a good two or three minutes, and then swung back four times forewards. and when we were suspended, I FREAKED. the wind felt amazing, though. roller coasters are my one true love.

this keyboard is extremely old and keys keep getting stuck. baaah.

i feel extremely special, i've talked to tweak and aliya this week, and i miss both terribly. we're having a tweak-is-home blowout when she returns, and on aliya's next visit we're keeping her here for a week of movie-and-dinner outing and an elaborate party. kara & i will make a cake again, and it will out-cool her last visit definitively.

i loved new jersey but i missed my bed. i haven't even properly said hello to it yet. we came home, i spilled everything into the middle of the room, and we went to blockbuster. i got "breaking the waves" and i didn't cry because my heart is as black as darth vadar's helmet. i wish i could've cried because it is a desperately sad movie. maybe upon repeated viewing i'll cry.

but right now i'm going to read more of the tin drum.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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