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4:07 p.m. x 2004-07-21

i bought myself a soap dish, and today i am going to egg my dad into purchasing those ass-kicking emily adams prints. they have HATBOXES, biotch!!! i also have acquired bigsexyhair hair care products. because my hair is flat and meek and wishes so much so to be big and sexy.

radically unlike from the rest of my body - my hair never properly hit puberty. i'm still waiting for it to flesh out into adulthood.

i virtually never used any of the bath products i've accumulated over the years. i use pinches of my sister's stuff, but really i'm an impeccably clean individual so i don't need to lather up in 60 different kinds of scrubs, washes, lotions, et al every evening.

but suddenly i just want to.

i have sugar cookie lotion and body wash, heather & lemon soap bars (from kara!), chocolate, cafe au lait, white chocolate hazelnut and vanilla ice cream-flavored shampoo/body wash combos, an entire set of bath salts (from tweak!), a huge economy-sized tub of almond honey milk bath, something called "goddess glimmer" that my sister threw at me one afternoon, and 60 bottles of hollywood pink by mark.

and i've been surviving on neutrogena alone. UNTIL NOW.

i really want that "wash away your sins" stuff, though. with the little cartoon nun. only then will i feel thouroughly fresh and free, right?

the coolest painting is hanging over my toilet now. you have no idea how proud i am that my mom was actually as enthused as i was over an art print. wow, other than that this whole entry was about soap.

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