jesus is the answer

9:19 p.m. x 2004-07-31

i forget where i read it but someone once said "wouldn't it be cool if jesus were the question?" - i believe it was alex and that's why i admired and remembered it.

"wanna shoot some ducks?" is a definitively interesting pickup line but somehow does not out-charm "wanna go get some crab legs?" because everyone knows you cannot go wrong with crab legs.

or shakira. this is the second day in a row i was supposed to go to the movies and was not able to. twice in one day so it makes three times now in the past two days. i've never not gone to the movies so much with the actual intent of going. but i have to catch up with denzel and joaquin...!

also, in the odd behavior corner: i watched "rosemary's baby" night after night before going to bed repeatedly all week. "rosemary's baby" is the new "the shining". i cannot stop watching it. but i think really it is a distraction from my true addiction and that is "eyes wide shut", which makes me miss winter immeasurably.

speaking of which, fall stuff is coming in at last <wh00t>. though unrelated, i spent $50+ at walmart this week. i never knew they had candles.

also scrapbooking material. and lots of it. i suppose now a scrapbook is in order.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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