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10:16 p.m. x 2004-08-27

i was rooting around my "media shelf" (the term given to the mistaken and awkwardly angular piece of furniture that houses my cd and vhs masses) last night until 3-ish in a frantic search for something i haven't seen 25+ times this summer while not being able to sleep.

"a clockwork orange"? no - fresh in my mind. "the shining"? no - can still recite large chunks of dialogue. "lolita"? no - just reread the book and am now experiencing severe excess of humbert. "eyes wide shut"? no - must preserve for warm and wonderful winter months. how about something that stanley kubrick didn't direct? but what would be the point in that!

oh em jee! - i haven't seen a BEATLES movie all summer. ugh, i've failed.

so i watched "help!" and i was so thrilled. "help!" is the greatest film with the greatest premise of all time (bad eastern stereotypes versus ringo!). effectively - if my dvd player worked i wouldn't leave my room and would be watching "gundam wing" all day & evening, but since it doesn't i have to regulate my time on that and watch downstairs.

and i still have watched two discs a day, and that amounts to eight hours of viewing a day, except today which was only four. that is admittingly lame, but not as lame as it could be, and almost was anyway, considering i haven't really veg'ed all summer.

i can't wait for "surreal life 3"

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