prequel of doom

1:37 p.m. x 2004-08-29

tomorrow begins the end of my high school career, thank whatever higher power you want for that. on the "whoosh" side, my hair is better. on the "blah" side, there is still a prominant gash in my forehead. it's gaping and curious and cannot be concealed by makeup of any kind lest it look like an unappetizing flesh-colored mound over my one eyebrow (not too much more flattering than how it looks now, ugh). despite all i have a nice outfit and am armed with dennis cooper. i think i'm taking frisk with me.

i can't find my schedule. i think it'd be bright of the administration to enable students to look their schedules up on the website because that would save a lot of wasted office trips. on second thought, never mind. i like office trips, wasted or otherwise. my favorite office trip was in 10th grade english when i was deemed some sort of mental health hazard and dismissed not 1/4th through class. the office was eternally cheerier and i was spared 1.5 hours of life slipping away. i think i drew anime in my notebook (a much more worth-it passtime, eh).

i breezed through three really nice drawings that i'm worried about how to go about transporting from home to hell because of their size. but they're sexy! there's one that's an illustration from one of my favorite short stories that i've done, and it's all attractive and kara-inspired. i keep meaning to do pictures of friends but they come out very awkward. everyone manages to look the same and i lose track of idosynchrasies and expressions, and it all looks blah.

speaking of which, do you know how over-fucking-joyed i am to not have to endure this abyssmally glorified crackhouse any longer? you can't possibly. words can't describe.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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