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5:10 p.m. x 2004-09-05

yo-yoing design ideas. i had this on hand. who can resist "the shining"? i want to go back to the katie jane design i had last year circa september-october of last year. the one everybody called porn. this picture, acid bath lyrics, and nifty html. i plan on revamping that because i loved it, and because vernon "the guru" deleted all of my old layouts.

i'm on a mission. in fact, i'm going to go work on that right now. i didn't get to see a movie i was CRYING ABOUT today and so i deserve my katie jane layout back! *snarls* any of you try and stop me - can you see her vagina in that picture? can you see her booooobs in that picture? well i've been looking so tell me what i've missed this past year going over that pic and wondering what gets viewers so GAAAH about it...

*steam* stress! and vicious, WRATHFUL acne...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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