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6:31 p.m. x 2004-09-08

katie jane layout is getting resurrected nicely, complete with the nifty script portion. i plan on putting that one back up on it's anniversary, and in the meantime (if i have any meantime - my two heaviest classes, which are both suspiciously electives, demand an inordinate amount of out-of-building commitment) i'd like to recreate, mostly for myself, old designs i did that i was really proud of...that all got destroyed in the grand revamping of my tower.

guru: these are my favorite kind to upgrade, it'll run better than the (editor's note: brand new) one downstairs.
me: but you won't touch the hard drive?
guru: i wouldn't even have a reason to.

and of course it's all gone. it's been quite a span of time now, i'm still sore about it. REALLY sore.

(bethany has to draw me in 2DII, and her drawing looks like a mime.) but she, the she that is bethany, took me home today, and that was a nice thing. she, manda & i tore down the rural drag strip (oh yeah!) and talked about how it's been a year (just that past monday) since we went to see "pirates of the carribean" together. then i dropped edie - PRECIOUS, DARLING LITTLE EDIE - in a puddle. it's not illegible, but it's soggy and dispassionate and, eugh. that discouraged me a little.

but the drawing i'm doing in 2DII of abby doesn't look like a mime, so i guess things are at work in my favor for now?...

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