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9:02 p.m. x 2004-09-09

my brother just used "antwon" as an expletive.

for the past several days, i've started to fall asleep at seven-thirty. "started" is the key word there: i've only STARTED. i'll be minding my own business, watching A&E's biography, and suddenly i'll clock out until nine-ish. and then i'll be back up and won't be able to get back to sleep under any circumstances for several hours, at least until one. tres perplexing. i did it while watching john wayne gacy and then again with harrison ford, so i thought perhaps if it wasn't a "biography" it wouldn't work. like it casts some sort of suspicious spell over my synapses. so today i put "the ring" on, it was broadcast on something or other, and i kept it on even though i own it.

didn't work. clocked out. kind of puzzled.

i also thought it might be due to physical exertion. i'm more active than i've ever been as far back as my worn little brain cells can stretch. but yesterday, on harrison ford day, i didn't get an oppertunity to exercise at all, and i still fell asleep. and i was like "oh hmm interesting" so, i felt myself slipping, turned off the tv and the lights, and progressed to fall asleep at a more than decent hour.

or rather i laid in the dark for fifty minutes. distinction.

so, that's weird...and even weirder, no real school-y problems. well, government got me in an off mindset this morning. i got really ticked and abrasive, or at least more so than i prefer to get before noon.

did you read the first sentense of this entry? good, because that was the important part.

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