if ted bundy the thief inhabited one corner of his personality, then elsewhere there resided ted bundy the committed republican.

10:35 p.m. x 2004-09-10

captain obvious-y observation: tweak is an invaluable human being with worlds to offer. i'm listening to joy electric! and thinking about geometry, which is an odd topic to have just jumped to mind. if you, undoubtedly bored little viewer, care to scour the bowels of this very diary, you'll find the chronicle of geometry class somewhere back there. that's where i met tweak, and that marked what i regard as being a very positive, wonderful turn in my personal history.

in short, tweak is cool, cooler than, say, opiate addiction - but apparently not much more academic, since when asked to write a paper on something british, tweak was not an acceptable topic, but thomas de quincey is.

alright, taken out of context, and even regardless of the noun, today's short description is wildly hilarious. republican-slandering, but ironically delicious. like that letterman joke about bush in the national guard. the jist of it was that evidence has surfaced so to suggest that bush smoked marijuana while serving in the texas national guard. when asked to reply, bush said "i TOLD you i was in the national guard!".

come on, you guys.

further developments in social-world: there are cool protofreshman named erica and jessie. erica is being bullied into assuming the identity of "karen", the vacuous ho bag from mean girls. they know kara's neighbor (i don't remember her name!!, oh wow i suck), who is cool freshman this year and has the dubious honor of being one of the last of the cool freshman while i'm in the building.

oh okay, also there was this thing while i was talking to tweak that we're going to refer to as the honking rat, despite the fact that it probably wasn't a rat, nevertheless it was the size of my dog, roughly, and made a sound we at first attributed to paul. and it made all the geese stand at attention. and tweak and i kept constantly interjecting these thoughtful things with "oh my god it's coming this way!" kind of stuff. really crazy.

and, like i said, invaluable.

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